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Stay Fit and Healthy in Miami: My Top 3!

Stay Fit and Healthy in Miami: My Top 3!

Following up on last week’s blog post about wellness and my favorite healthy spots in Miami. Today, I’d like to talk about sports which is a major aspect of living in Miami. Our sunny and beautiful days make it much easier for us, “Miamians”, to take away an hour of our day and spend it outdoors, playing tennis, running, doing yoga, or just taking a class in one of the hip gym studios around the city to stay fit and healthy!

Here are my 3 top recommendations on places to go to get a sweat and people to do it with:

1- Class Pass

I am addicted to this new membership. Once you get the app on your phone, it connects you with the best fitness studios in the city. $109 a month is what I pay for unlimited classes! This app is perfect for people who are in different neighborhoods every day, and who don’t want to get bored with their workout routine.

For now, I love Brickell Power Hour @ The Cage, Megaformer class @ NuShape Downtown, and Pilates Pro @ Pilates ProWorks.

If you’d like to give it a try, they are running a 1-month promotion for $19/month giving you access to 5 classes of your choice. Check it out.

2- Fabien Blanc: Personal trainer

If your thing is to work out outdoors all the time, Fabien is the perfect personal trainer to train with. He generally likes to train in South Pointe, Flamingo Park and Palm Island. His workout routine changes every time. He has a very positive energy and will push you to do your very best! You can follow Fabien on Instagram and check out his website.

2- Dani: Yoga instructor

Yoga is another big component of my workout. I love a few studios around the city . Love Life Wellness Center in Wynwood, Green Monkey  in Miami Beach and Prana Yoga in Coral Gables. But my favorite yoga session is with Dani, a super cool yoga teacher. She works in a few studios but also gives private classes. Weather permitting, our yoga class is right on the water in Brickell! She is professional, has a passion for health and wellness. Her positive and calming energy makes the hour I spend with her spiritual and energizing at the same time. You can follow her  on instagram or on Facebook.


Best Miami Healthy Juice Bars and Wellness Eateries

My favorite healthy juice bars and wellness eateries around Miami

Miami, following Los Angeles’ trend, is starting to see a rise of super healthy juice bars and wellness eateries. Many of these cafes go well beyond just serving nutritious and high-quality food and beverages. It’s about feeling comfortable and inspired while eating. My favorite ones offer comfortable seating, free WiFi, and very cool music playlists. “Green is the new Black”, they say.

We all have our favorite spots but these are my top 3, in no particular order:

1- Jugo Fresh
I like this juice bar because it is conveniently located in multiple Whole Foods Markets (I go to 3 of them: South Beach, Brickell and South Miami). Their cold-pressed juices are great, but I love their smoothies. My daughter’s and mine favorite ones are: “Muy Simple”, which is just almond mylk, strawberry and banana, and “Kaleito”, with apple, celery, spinach, parsley, lemon, kale and banana.

2- Dr. Smood, 5801 Sunset Drive, South Miami, 33143
I enjoy being in this cafe, working a couple of hours while eating and drinking. “Smart food for a good mood” is their motto. I love their live juices, their raw oatmeal, tuna sandwich and their quinoa salad (I add avocado to it). The one I go to is conveniently located 5 minutes away from my kids’ school. A new exciting location for Dr. Smood will be in the Brickell City Center, opening in just a month!

3- Dirt, 232 5th street, Miami Beach, 33139
I am often in South Beach so this one is a definite gem of the area. It is a clean eating/great taste farm-to-counter eatery. My favorite items are: avocado toast (on a yummy Zak the Baker bread), curried cauliflower bowl (you can add quinoa-crusted fish of the day), detox salad with roasted beets, fennel and goat cheese (you can add butcher’s cut steak) and dragon fruit bowl with dragon fruit, banana, pineapple, house made almond + brazil nut mylk, blueberries, kiwi and granola.

Whats’s your favorites spots and why?