Planning to relocate to Miami or spending some vacation time? Looking for a furnished rental?

We offer beautifully appointed furnished apartments and villas, ideally located, for your vacation, relocation or extended-stay needs in Miami. Our Miami homes have tasteful furnitures and interior designs, regardless of your budget and are available short-term and/or long-term. Our selection of apartments and villas are strategically located in Miami’s best neighborhoods, from Brickell and Edgewater, to South Beach and Miami Beach, as well Coral Gables and South Miami!

HAPPY LIVIN’ Inspiration

What does it take to feel HAPPY about your home? Fresh designs, inspiration, technology, good vibes…Not much! Happiness is what we strive to offer, regardless of your budget! Happy Livin’ was started by the Freud Group on a very simple consensus: No need to be rich and live in an expensive rental to feel happy about your home! It shouldn’t cost more, or much more, to have tastefully painted walls, fresh materials, nicely designed cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom; or good looking appliances. Likewise for furnitures. Aesthetic is not a matter of price but time spent and attention to make a home serene and harmonious! Beyond fresh interior design, home technology is fairly affordable and can change your daily life at home. Think Nest A/C, Electronic Key Locks, Bluetooth sound systems, and more. Last but not least, Happy Livin’ offers simple on-demand home maintenance services such as access to plumbers,…so you can truly have a happy home experience! That’s how Happy Livin’ was born!

Where to Eat in Islamorada, Florida Keys!

We often have friends and family visiting from all over the world asking us where to stay and eat in the Florida Keys. There are so many spots that it is not easy to remember all of them. That said, I just got back from a very nice weekend in Islamorada where my 8 year […]

Hipsters Flocking to Miami: Wynwood & Sunset Harbor.

Last Saturday afternoon, I spent a couple of hours strolling the streets of Wynwood and was amazed by how many people were there! The sidewalk traffic was as denses as I95 during rush hour! All he restaurants were packed, stores had good traffic,…It was very nice to see especially in comparison to huge slowdown the […]

Stay Fit and Healthy in Miami: My Top 3!

Stay Fit and Healthy in Miami: My Top 3! Following up on last week’s blog post about wellness and my favorite healthy spots in Miami. Today, I’d like to talk about sports which is a major aspect of living in Miami. Our sunny and beautiful days make it much easier for us, “Miamians”, to take […]

Best Miami Healthy Juice Bars and Wellness Eateries

My favorite healthy juice bars and wellness eateries around Miami Miami, following Los Angeles’ trend, is starting to see a rise of super healthy juice bars and wellness eateries. Many of these cafes go well beyond just serving nutritious and high-quality food and beverages. It’s about feeling comfortable and inspired while eating. My favorite ones offer comfortable […]

Secret spots in Miami From Yoga to Restaurants!

My selection of my top 5 hidden destinations or secret spots around Miami A a realtor I drive a lot – 2-3 hours a day! – , I walk a lot, and therefore I have a chance to discover many difference places our city has to offer! That said, my clients often ask me to share my favorite spots, […]

Miami Q2 2016 Key facts: Real estate, economy…

INTERESTING KEY FACTS & FIGURES Whether you already live in Miami, have invested there, or are thinking about it, we figured we would share some interesting key facts to keep in mind: Miami Economy & Business Development Most desirable US cities among Americans: Miami ranks #5 (Harris Poll) Most desirable US cities among 18-35 y.o: […]